Okay, I admit it: I haven’t played too many puzzle platformers of late. I did try out one of the early Mario vs. Donkey Kong games (the first of the series, before the rest of them turned into Lemmings-style affairs) quite some time ago, but I haven’t had a whole lot of experience with these kinds of games.

ClydeExplode But this week I checked out such a game on Steam, and man does it look good. Cloning Clyde tasks you with guiding the titular character out of a good-for-nothing cloning laboratory as quickly as you can, with three varying levels of difficulty to challenge your gray matter. Obviously, getting your backside outta the place isn’t easy: in order to escape, you must destroy a varying number of security robots across each level to open the way forward. Once you do that, you’ll have a chance to send additional clones of Clyde (which can be created or located through a variety of methods) out of the lab through a special escape hatch before exiting the level via teleport device.

As you play, you’ll eventually be able to use special mutant clones in order to solve certain puzzles. Chicken clones, for example, allow you to fly upwards. To create these clones, you just have to find a special cloning machine with two pedestals, one for each half of the Clyde that you require for each situation.

ClydeSnow You’ll also find action figures that can be collected as part of meeting a side goal, which will add to your completion rate in addition to rescued clones and cleared levels. Steam achievements are also included for completing a wide variety of these goals, and you can replay previously-completed levels in order to find collectibles that you may have missed the first time — all of which adds value to replays and completion factors (although you don’t have a bunch of anything left afterward).

Graphics are simplistic with a cartoon-style presentation, but are otherwise not as notable as some of the other portions of the game presentation. Clyde also has little more than a hospital-type garment throughout the game, so players might want to turn on family mode if the youngsters would like to play a few rounds in order to make the presentation more suitable to everyone in the family.

Overall, Cloning Clyde is a decent, fun puzzle platformer that never provides a good challenge, and the clever ways in which you can use the various types of clones adds variety to how you solve various puzzles throughout the game. Replays to collect missed clones and action figures will keep you busy to the end of your hundred-percentage clearance, and the variety of Steam achievements will keep you going to the end of your grab-and-stash brigade to get every single task accounted for. Cloning Clyde is definitely worth the time put into completion, and will keep you busy all the way to the end.

Title : Cloning Clyde
Format : Steam
Developer : Bacon Wrapped Games
Publisher : NinjaBee
Release Date : 03/15/2011

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*Ninjabee provided with a promo code for a review copy.