Our overall verdict "Excellent"

The Quest Keeper was a bit of a mystery to me when I first found its app page. I wasn’t quite sure what ride I was in for when I started to download it, but I had a feeling it was going to be fun. Boy, was I right. The Quest Keeper beautifully blends elements from Crossy Road and various roguelike games to create an experience that is not quite either of the two.


Just like Crossy Road, the main gameplay aspects revolve around you controlling your character past a seemingly endless onslaught of moving obstacles. Instead of cars and logs, you’ll be dealing with spike traps, creatures, bats, lava and all sorts of other dangers you’d expect to find in a roguelike game. There are actually 10 different ‘quests’ to play through, and these quests will require you to find certain items or reach certain points in the level. There’s a lot of replayability here, because whilst the objects and traps are challenging enough to deal with, completing all of the quests is even more of a challenge. There’s certainly no way you’d be able to complete this game in one sitting.


Another great feature which adds to the replay value are the procedurally generated environments – you’re never going to experience the same set of traps twice, and the developers of The Quest Keeper have done a wonderful job at ensuring each run really does feel unique. You can also collect all sorts of cool items, upgrades and collectibles and this side of gameplay will certainly appeal to the roguelike fans out there.


It’s not just the gameplay that is really on point in The Quest Keeper. The graphics are what the developer has called “boxel” based. It’s like a voxel based game, but everything has been built out of boxes in a 2.5D style environment. Everything is 3D but it’s displayed at an angle that seems to work for an ‘endless’ game like this. If you’ve played Crossy Road before you’ll know exactly what I mean, except this time a lot more attention has been paid to the box detail and lighting effects.

There is also a pretty killer soundtrack to keep you humming along whilst you play. The game is free, but there are adverts that can be removed for $1.99. Check out The Quest Keeper here. The trailer can be seen below.