Last week, the folks behind the Humble Bundle dropped a new one with the Humble PC & Android Bundle 12. It packed quite the wallop, and while we didn’t cover it initially, we’re back to rectify that error and tell you about three great new games that have just been added sale.

The Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 is into its second week, and three new games are now live for those that have paid, or choose to pay over the average. The trippy Indie classic Eufloria is now unlocked along with the strategy game Solar Flux, and Toast Time from Force of Habit. All three are DRM free for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android devices, and Eufloria comes with a soundtrack to boot.

As for the games we didn’t touch on last week, we have Ironclad Tactics Deluxe Edition, VVVVVV, and the Inner World. Titan Attacks!, Tetrobot and Co., and Costume Quest are also included, and it’s their first time appearing on Android devices. Last but not least, is Shadowrun Returns which unlocks if you pay over $10 bucks.

All of those games are DRM free like the last batch, and available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Costume Quest and Ironclad Tactics are in the “over the average” tier, and soundtracks are available for the Inner World, Costume Quest, Ironclad Tactics, and Tetrobot.

At this time, there are a little over 6 days left in the Humble PC & Android Bundle 12 sale, so you’ve got some time to decide if this one’s for you. The “average” unlock price currently sits at $5.11, and if you rock an Android device, it’s worth that for Costume Quest alone. The other games are great as well, but CQ is one of those games everyone should check out at least once – especially if you like Halloween.

What do you think about the new Bundle, will you pick it up or pass?

Humble PC & Android Bundle 12