DLC can be a real pain in the ass for some games, but for others it’s a true godsend and the lifeblood that keeps the gears churning. That’s the case with Rocksmith, and fans of the game can always look forward to new tracks on Tuesdays. Well, it’s Tuesday and this week metalheads can rejoice as Anthrax is coming to test your skills.

It isn’t easy to get bands to commit to something like Rocksmith, but somehow they finally got the guys from Anthrax on board, and we’re getting four new tracks courtesy of the Anthrax Song Pack. First up is a track called ‘Madhouse’ from the bands second album Spreading the Disease. Next we have ‘Caught In A Mosh’ and ‘Indians’ from the 1987 album Among the Living. Last but not least, is ‘Got the Time’ from 1990’s Persistence of Time.

Anthrax is a band a lot of gamers have wanted in Rocksmith, so it’s a great day if you dig metal and have been longing to get your hands on those kind of tracks. Obviously, there are some popular songs missing like ‘Antisocial’ but licensing is a tricky thing. It’s also cool to see we now have three out of the “Big Four” of metal with Metallica being the only holdout. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Metallica, just don’t hold your breath.