Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Base defense games have become quite popular on mobiles over the past few years, and gamers with iOS devices have been enjoying one called Outwitters since 2012. It was finally released for Android this week as Outwitters 2.0, and after spending some time with the game, we’re back with our Outwitters 2.0 review.outwitters2

Strategy is the name of the game in Outwitters 2.0. It’s a base defense game of sorts, which means you simply need to take our your opponents base before they can destroy yours. The bases only have 5HP, which makes it seem like an easy win, but things are somewhat complicated by the “fog of war” and each race’s special ability.

The first thing you’ll noticed when you pop into an asynchronous game in Outwitters 2.0, is that your line of sight is going to be limited. The “fog” lifts as your players move across the grid, but it’s a mechanic that ensures you will have to plan ahead and think carefully before you make a move. The moves (called wits) are limited depending on what type of units you possess, and you only get a set amount of “wits” to use per turn.

Every move you make in Outwitters 2.0 will set you back a Wit. If you want to move and attack, that’s two wits, and if you want to summon a new creature… well, that’s going to cost you another. Further adding to your dismay is the fact you can stock up on your Wits and use them the next round. This can help or hurt you depending on what your opponent done on their turn. You never know what’s going to be behind the fog when the next turn rolls around…outwitters-2.0

Battles in Outwitters 2.0 are played out on a grid, and you can take on opponents in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 matches. The games aren’t in real-time, but if you get someone online that’s active, it’s pretty damned close. You can also go “pass and play” if you want to have so co-op couch gaming instead of going online. As for the games themselves, you can play random or ranked matches, but are limited to a set amount of active matches at any time unless you pick up an IAP in the shop.

Outwitters 2.0 is a free game, and you can play as much as you’d like without spending a dime. That said, you can only have a few matches active at once and only have access to one “race” of creatures to play with. Anything you buy from the “shop” will increase the amount of battles you can have active at one time, and you are better off buying a themed pack than a cheap base mod if you dig the game. More bang for your buck.

I’ll admit, I have never been a huge fan of games that use asynchronous multiplayer, but Outwitters 2.0 is an exception to the rule. Initially, I had trouble getting a good match going, but once the user base picked up, it’s been game on ever since. If you’re ready to give it a whirl, you can pick up One Man Left’s Outwitters 2.0 for free on Google Play.

Outwitters 2.0