We’ve seen a number of soft-launches this year, and a number of major games are currently being tested in various parts of the world like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Folks up North with access to the Canadian Play Store also have access to a slick upcoming MMA game by the name of EA Sports UFC. It’s the first “real” MMA mobile game, and we’re going to give you a little preview of what to expect when the game leaves that soft-launch tag behind.

I’ll start by saying that any game in a soft-launch is likely to be tweaked before a global release, so I’m not going to comment on the IAP setup except to say… it’s EA. As for the game itself, it’s a tap-based title, which may sound like a bore, but EA has done a nice job with the controls. You can pull off takedown, pummel your opponent with ground & pound or send them to the mat in a variety of ways.


Each fighter a slew of moves which can be leveled up through cards. You’ll earn coins from matches to purchase new crates with new moves, and then it’s time to rinse and repeat. That’s the “nutshell” version, but there are several different ways to play EA Sports UFC including participating in live events. The live events are interesting as you need a fighters from the right weight classes to take on the card, but you’ll get mauled unless you have some high-level fighters on hand.


EA impressed us with Madden Mobile, and they have kicked things up visually for EA Sports UFC Mobile. The fighters look amazing, and the amount of detail is staggering considering it’s a mobile game. For what it’s worth, I’m running it on a Galaxy Note 4, so performance will vary depending on your handset,but you will be impressed as you can see from the screens. There is no blood or damage however which is beyond disappointing considering its a game about busting folks up. Would be nice to have the old “blood” switch users can turn on or off at their leisure.


There’s been no release date given for EA Sports UFC Mobile, and at this time the only region (I know of) where it’s live is Canada. EA snuck this one out there on us last month, and while there hasn’t been much coverage, it should be a very, very popular game when it arrives if EA “adjusts” a few things. Stay tuned, and we’ll be back with a full review of EA Sports UFC Mobile once it goes global.

EA Sports UFC