Our overall verdict "Good"

White Rabbit – Out of the Rabbit Hole, is a free iOS arcade game that features great 8-bit style pixel graphics and some pretty awesome gameplay. The game features the kind of endless gameplay you’d expect in every average timekiller game, but there are certain things about it that make it really stand out.


Firstly, the controls for this game are superb. The aim of White Rabbit is to dodge obstacles as your character flies through a endless vertical chasm. We’ve seen this kind of concept before, but in most games, you have simple left and right control buttons. There is a lot more movement freedom in White Rabbit, and your character will quickly fly to wherever you tap on the screen. Cause of the way the movement works, you can actually just phase through most obstacles. With this control setting, it’s possible to skilfully dodge past all of the obstacles and traps that are flying past you. I’d say that the gameplay is a little more difficult than other games of this nature, but if you get to grips with the control I personally think you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

As you fly past obstacles, you’ll be able to pick up various power-ups and modifiers that change the size speed and other factors of the main character. These can be used to get past obstacles easier and work towards increasing your high score. The standard move gives you 60 seconds to get as far as you can, whilst infinity goes on forever. Both modes will end if you get hit by an obstacle.


Another great element of White Rabbit are the graphics. The 8-bit style theme that has been mentioned before has been illustrated perfectly, and it really feels like you’re playing an age old classic. The sound effects that go along with the graphics are also great. I’ve noticed that a lot of timekiller games have occasional sound effects for certain elements, but they’re mostly just silent. White Rabbit – Out of the Rabbit Hole has sound effects and music at every opportunity.

There is a free version of White Rabbit and a pro version. As you can imagine, the free version features ads, whilst the pro version is ad-free. Besides from the adverts, there are no other monetization strategies in place. Unfortunately, the ads on the free version are a little frustrating to deal with.

If you’re interested in White Rabbit – Out of the Rabbit Hole, you can check it out here for free.