Our overall verdict "Excellent"

When someone says Space-based Bounty Hunter, most folks are going to think of good old Boba Fett. While Disney has yet to amaze us with a Boba Fett mobile game, there is a slick new game called Space Bounties Inc. that will be right up your ally if you’ve dreamed of hunting villains amongst the stars.

Space Bounties Inc. is a game all about bounty hunting and your goal is to bring in the most wanted villains in the universe by putting together a team of hunters. Your bounty hunting team can consist of up to four members, and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. You won’t want to get too attached to any of them though as Space Bounties Inc.’s characters can fall victim to permadeath.


Once you pick your team members, you get to gear them up and there’s quite a bit of depth in this area. Weapons and armor for each character can be upgraded (hand, torso, etc…), and there are a number of enhancements and perks you can purchase as well. Some of the items won’t be useful early on, but the Portals are lifesavers when you’re in danger of losing a character you’ve spent hours leveling up.

The actual battles in Space Bounties Inc. are straightforward, and it’s a turn-based affair which means there is a bit of strategy involved. Some weapons have recharge times, and each “hunt” consists of three sets of battles. That’s where permadeath can bite you in the ass if you aren’t setup right going in. I lost count of how many times I lost the first “boss” battle before actually picking and equipping my team properly.


By the numbers, Space Bounties Inc. offers up 132 different characters including 25 playable bounty hunters. 21 of them are available from the jump while the others can be had by beating the game on normal mode. There’s a brutal mode as well, and I imagine it’s pretty touch as Normal mode gets rough midway through. As for the bounties, there are around 40 and you can play them in any order if you think your team is tough enough. The locations and content is procedurally generated as well, so you’re going to get a different trip each time out.


I wasn’t sure what to make of Space Bounties Inc. at first, but it’s one of those games that quickly grows on you once you get the hang of things. It’s not an easy game although it may seem like it at first, and there’s enough content to keep you busy for ages. You have to appreciate the save feature as well, which allows you to pick up Space Bounties Inc. for a quick play anytime you please.

From the retro graphics to the pitch-perfect soundtrack, Space Bounties Inc. fires on all cylinders and is game that’s well worth your time. There are a few areas that could use a bit of tweaking, but it’s a blast and you’re getting a whole lot of bang for your buck. If you’re ready to give it a whirl, you can pick up Dancing Cat Development’s Space Bounties Inc. for $2.18 on Google Play.

Space Bounties Inc.