Depending on your age, there’s a good chance you were a big Power Rangers fan or know someone who was. The Rangers aren’t nearly as popular these days as they once were, but they do have a cool new game that’s just entered a soft launch. The Power Rangers: UNITE game is coming soon, and it aims to fulfill all your CCG needs.powerrangers-unite

Power Rangers: UNITE is an upcoming collectible card game that will span the entire Power Rangers run while bringing an all-new story to the table. Gamers will pick up Rangers from all 22 seasons of the TV show (feeling old?) and do battle with a new villain by the name of Nerodark. UNITE will have a Single-Player campaign, but you can also build your deck and battle against your buddies.

While we haven’t gone hands on with Power Rangers: UNITE, it should have loads of content considering it spans 22 seasons and has over 250 cards to collect. The cards will range vary between Rangers, Weapons, Zords, and Abilities, so people with CCG experience should feel right at home. Additional cards and battles are said to be coming to the Single-Player campaign in the future as well.

Power Rangers: UNITE is one of those games that makes you wonder why we haven’t seen it power.rangers.unitesooner. The Power Rangers and their insanely large cast of characters are a perfect fit for a card-based battler, and there are millions of Power Rangers fans. An official game, even a CCG, is going to get a lot of downloads, and make a boatload of cash if handled properly. Hopefully, Saban and Funtactix will take it easy on the IAP’s.

If you’re looking to get your Power Rangers on, you’ll have to live in Canada as Power Rangers: UNITE is only available in that region as a soft-launch at this time. If that’s where you hang your hat, you can pick up UNITE at the link below… if not, stay tuned and we’ll be back with more information when Power Rangers: UNITE goes global.

Power Rangers: UNITE

via – Gamezebo