Tactical-based mobile games are a dime a dozen, so whenever we see something interesting come along, we certainly pay attention. That’s the case with a new game by the name of Frozen Synapse Prime, and it’s a name that may sound familiar to tactical gamers.

The original Frozen Synapse debuted back in 2011 from Mode 7 games. It was well-received by gamers in general, and even spawned an expansion pack with Frozen Synapse Red. It also spawned a sequel called Frozen Synapse Prime, which has just shown up in the Play Store courtesy of Double Eleven.

Frozen Synapse Prime looks to be the same game that touched down on consoles late last year, but modified somewhat for touchscreen devices. As it was released on the Vita, touchscreen controls shouldn’t be an issue when you’re laying down tactics. The gameplay revolves around you setting up a strike team to take down your opponent in a tactical battle. Game modes range from base protection to hostage rescues, and there are over 40 missions to play through in the single-player campaign.


If Frozen Synapse Prime is true to the previous versions, you’ll have multiplayer options as well and a “Replay Theater” feature that allows you to rewatch previous matches. The Play Store description is unfortunately a little light on details, and there is only mention of the single-player campaign at this time. We’re going to assume it hasn’t been implemented yet, but will keep our fingers crossed that it is on the way.

If tactical games are you’re thing, Frozen Synapse Prime is a game that’s well worth a look. I played the original way back when on the PC, but never got around to the follow-up so I can’t say much on that front. That said, if it’s half as good as the original, you’ll be busy for some time. If you want to give it a whirl, Frozen Synapse Prime is available to purchase on Google Play for $4.99.

Frozen Synapse Prime