Love playing GTA V? If so, you have probably been drooling over the prospect of GTA Online Heists, and have also possibly been a bit frustrated by all the delays. Well, the days of waiting are over as GTA Online Heists are now live on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

GTA Online Heists is the mode damn near every GTA V player has been waiting on, and while PC players still have to wait, console gamers can now get online and pull of jobs. A player of any rank can take part in a Heist, but you will have to be Rank 12 to actually lead one. You’ll also have to own a high-end apartment, but most folks should by the time they hit that rank. Leaders will take care of setting everything up as well, because that’s what leaders do.

There are five heists in GTA Online Heists mode, and four of them require you team up with four other players. The introductory heist can be handled with two players, and it’s safe to say you will want a crew with headsets if you want to be successful. If successful, you’ll be rewarded financially and there are bonuses you can shoot for as well. If you can manage to pull off the Criminal Mastermind challenge, you’ll get a cool $10 million, but it won’t be easy.

In addition to GTA Online Heists, Rockstar has added some new features to GTA Online in general. One of them is new Adversary Modes, which will become unlocked as you play through the Online Heists. Daily Objectives is a perk that will allow you to earn some extra loot through mini challenges; there will be three new ones per day, and you can “stack” them for bonuses. New activities have been added to Free Mode as well, which is great for those who like to roam around and do their own thing.

The GTA Online update is live across the board on the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 if you’re itching to get online and pull off a few scores. PC gamers will get the feature at launch when the game finally arrives on April 14th.

Have  you tried GTA V Online Heist mode yet?

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