A few days ago, we told about an upcoming game that might be awesome with Mortal Kombat X mobile. Well, that isn’t the only new mobile game they have planned. The company has announced several other new titles and one will include a trip to Westeros.

Warner Bros. has done quite well for themselves in the mobile gaming department, with games like Arkham City Lockdown, Injustice, and WWE Immortals. We’ve already talked about Mortal Kombat X mobile, and now we’re going to take a quick look at four new mobile games set to arrive this year. Three of the new titles will take a dip in DC’s comic infested waters, while the last involves a very popular HBO show.

As a fan, we’ll get this one out of the way first. The new Game of Thrones mobile game talks about taking the Iron Throne, spies with wits and battlefields. In other words, we know next to nothing about the new game aside from the fact that it will be developed by Turbine who is also handling Batman: Arkham Underworld.

Batman: Arkham Underworld looks to be a city building game of sorts or something along the lines of Crime City. That’s just the vibe we’re getting, and all the description mentions is building a hideout and recruiting. Next up, is LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham from TT Games, and it involves Batman battling Brainiac to save the earth. It’s LEGO, so it should be a good time.

The last game announced may turn out to be the most interesting, and the name certainly has us intrigued. DC Comics Legends is being handled by WB Games San Francisco, and says “gamers will grow their collection of legendary DC Comics super heroes and villains.” You’ll be able to customize super teams for “each encounter” as well, so we may be looking at a CCG… if they didn’t call it an RPG in description. We are curious, and were sold at the phrase “collection of heroes and villains.”

Warner Bros. new slate of games should prove popular across the board, and the unnamed Game of Thrones title along with DC Comics Legends are two we’re really intrigued by. At this time, there has been on release dates reveled for the four new games although Mortal Kombat X mobile is scheduled to roll out in April.

Which of Warner Bros. new games are you most looking forward to this year?