Nvidia is a name all gamers should know, and they’ve made some new fans over the past few years with gadgets like the Nvidia Shield handheld and the Shield slate. GDC 2015 is upon us, and as expected Nvidia has made a couple of big announcements. One of them may just be your next purchase as the Shield Console looks to be the system we hoped the OUYA would be.

Android gamers don’t have nearly the selection that the App Store offers, but devices like the Shield portable have brought PC gaming to the mobile realm. The Nvidia Shield console is a full-fledged gaming console built on the Android Platform, and it keeps all the things that made the Shield Tablet and handheld stand out. Prepare to throw some money at the screen.

First and foremost, the Nvidia Shield console will offer up 4K streaming which is something you’re not going to find on the OUYA or any other “micro” console of this nature. We’ve seen a few gadgets that claim to pull it off from the Far East, but none of those have a Tegra X1 under the hood. Throw in 3GB of RAM and you’ll have plenty of power to run through the slew of games Nvidia plans to offer.

Speaking of those games, some of the GRID streaming titles mentioned include Batman: Arkham Origins, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Metro: Last Light Redux, and GRID 2. There will be plenty of Android “exclusives” as well, and gamers will be thrilled to know that War thunder and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will both be available. Other games to note include Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, RE: Revelations 2, and Shadow of Mordor.

As with most devices of this nature, the Nvidia Shield console is also a media machine that will you to enjoy allow streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc… All that will run through the Android TV platforms, and as it’s an Android-based box, you will be able to access Google Play games, movies, and related media. It may finally be time to put that Roku or Chromecast in the guest room.

For families that don’t game, the Nvidia Shield console looks to be a good way to get that going in the living room. Even if someone has never picked up a controller, they have more than likely played a mobile game, and getting them to play that game or something similar on the big screen is a win-win. It’s safe to say that nobody is going to balk at the price either as the Nvidia Shield console will only set you back $199 with a controller when it arrives in May.