If you own a PlayStation, you have probably tried out PS Plus at some point or may be a member now. It’s a great service for most of us, and getting IGC titles each month is something we all look forward to. Sony as a little late with the announcement this month, and while the internet didn’t quite combust, thousands of gamers were up in arms. Well, the PlayStation Store has finally been updated, and we know have six new titles for the March 2015 Instant Game Collection.

Before we tell you what’s coming, we’re going to tell you what left. Folks with a Ps4 got Transistor, Apotheon, and Rogue Legacy while Ps3 gamers said goodbye to RL, Yakuza 4, and Thief. As for the Vita, Kick and Fennick is no more along with Rogue Legacy. Gotta’ love those cross-buys, and hopefully you got everything added to your library before today.

The new games are a nice mix that “should” go over fairly well with the gaming collection. The cross-buy game for the Ps3, Ps4 and the Vita is CounterSpy and the newly released OlliOlli 2 will hit the Vita and Ps4. PlayStation 3 owners can pick up Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment and Papa & Yo, while folks with a PlayStation 4 get Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Valiant Heats: The Great War. On an unrelated note, the HBO Go app for Ps4 arrived today as well, because Game of Thrones.

While we’re still not sure what the delay with the announcement was this month, we’re glad to see the March freebies arrive. The PlayStation update has already gone live here on the East Coast so you should be good to go in North America if you’re looking to get your game on this evening. What do you think about this month’s IGC, too many indies or did we get a great mix of games across the board for March?

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