Our overall verdict "Good"

Okay? Is a new mobile puzzle game that features a pay what you want model that allows players to choose exactly how much they want to pay for the game, starting from $0.00, up to $8.99. This is an interesting payment model to root for, and it allows players to give what they think the developer deserves for the game. The app itself is free, and there are no adverts, and the only in-app purchases are each of the price points, so you’re basically given the game for free, and the developer then asks for a donation after you’ve downloaded it.


I think this is a great way for a small developer to go on the app store, and from what I’ve seen so far, it has been well received on the app store. But what about the game itself? Could it really be worth a $8.99 donation?

In Okay? You must flick a ball through a level in an attempt to hit all of the blocks displayed. Once a block is hit, the ball will bounce off it, and the block will disappear. As you can imagine, gameplay starts quite simple, but as you play through the levels you will need to think carefully about how to flick the ball so that it hits all of the blocks in a level. The ball will hit the blocks and play a note, and hitting each block in quick succession plays out a simple tune. Whilst this has no impact on gameplay, I think it’s nice that there is some kind of audible feedback added to Okay?


The graphics are very minimal and simple as can be, but this does not have to be a bad thing. The empty space you are given on each level allows you to focus on just the puzzle itself, instead of other graphics or materials happening in the background of each level.


When a game like Okay? can be picked up for free, I’d see no reason not to like it. If you manage to play through the 60 or so levels and enjoy it enough, you could always send a tip the developer’s way as a way of saying thank you as well. Pick up Okay? here.