Our overall verdict "Perfect"

When you spend 4 years on a mobile game, you’d expect that first impressions of your game after finally releasing would be pretty high, and this is certainly the case with Dinofarm’s latest game, Auro. In Auro, players are encouraged to push each other, or “bump” one another into puddles placed around procedurally generated maps.


Every level on Auro is laid out on a tile based board – each tile is hexagonal in shape, so there are plenty of ways to move from one point to another. The main goal of the game is to push the monsters on each level off the tiles and into the surrounding water. This is a strategy game and a puzzler built into one. You constantly need to think about how to move around your enemies to ensure they don’t get the better of you, whilst planning your attack to knock them off into the water when they least expect it.

Fortunately, the scope of gameplay doesn’t stop at strategic positioning. Players will be given access to a variety of spells that you can use to your advantage as well. In some cases, monsters cannot be bumped off of the map, and you’ll need to use spells to take care of them.


Just to give you an idea of how in-depth the gameplay can get, there are a total of 31 tutorial levels that take you through the basics, and then some of the not-so basics. The real fun begins once you’ve completed the tutorials, and you have a fresh sense of the game. At this point you can throw yourself into the procedurally generated games that offer a different experience every time you play. Whilst there’s no real tiered level or stage system like you’d expect, gameplay is still incredibly fun and the procedural generation works wonders to keep you entertained.

To add to the longevity, players will be able to increase their skill score by playing well in games, and doing so will increase your global ranking, which is matched up against other players.

The real beauty of Auro comes with it’s beautiful pixel art style graphics and it’s charming soundtrack. Every detail in this game has been hand made by the talented developers at Dinofarm, and over the past four years of development, they have managed to fine tune the experience to make it play out super smoothly on your phone.


Auro is a game that is designed to stay with you forever, and the great thing is that it only costs $2.99 – with that you’ll get the full game and any balances, updates or changes in the future. There are also absolutely no in-app purchases in Auro.