Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Tired of match-3 games, but enjoy the swapping mechanic? If so, there’s a great new game called Swap Heroes 2 you may want to check out. You don’t have to pop anything, and there’s no color matching involved, but there are hundreds of pixely monsters in need of a good beat down.swap heroes

Swap Heroes 2 is one of those games where the title says it all. The magical mechanic that drives the game is Hero swapping, and how you swap said heroes drastically affects how the game plays out. As with a lot of squad-based games, you’ll two rows of fighters with three in the front and one in the back. You can swap characters in any direction you choose, but their “special power” will only activate if you send them to the front row.

If a character is on the back row, they won’t be able to attack, but they will be able to heal themselves. It’s pretty simple and easy to get the hang of, but does get a little trickier as you progress through the game. Once a battle starts, there is nothing to do but plan your strategy, swap heroes, and try to get through the level. You’ll lose if they manage to kill one of your heroes, and you only get to progress after you kill 25 monsters.

When you’re not fighting you can adjust your party by choosing the four heroes you want to take into battle. You can also set the Team Boosts which include Health, Attack, Heal, and Skill. You level those up with star points earned by playing, and each has 3 levels of boots available.

As for the characters, there are eight in all with the Swordsman, Mage, Monk, Bard, Archer,swap.heroes-1 Werewolf, Alchemist, and Summoner. The heroes are cool, and each has their own attack and special. Cool though they may be, I was a little disappointed that the Bard and Alchemist are both healers just like the Summoner and Mage are both casters of sorts.

The gameplay behind Swap Heroes 2 is sound, but it may feel a bit shallow depending on your skills. You’ve got the eight heroes, and there are four regular levels (2 battles each) in the game including the boss level and Eagle Cliffs. There is also the “Endless Desert” which lets you take on waves of enemies sans any team boosts. You won’t be able to finish it in an hour, but you may complete it sooner than you would like if you get on a roll. It’s not really a knock on the game, but more of a backwards compliments as you tend to want more out of good games.


Swap Heroes 2 is a solid time killer that fans of games like Pixel Defenders Puzzle or Tales of the Adventure Company will enjoy. If you played the original, you’ll no doubt want to pick this one up as well. Chris Savory’s Swap Heroes 2 is available to download on Google Play for $2.99 if you want to test your hero swapping skills.

Swap Heroes 2