Our overall verdict "Excellent"

There have been a lot of ‘endless tapper’ games as of late, that often promote mindless tapping as enemies on the screen get progressively tougher. (ie. it takes more taps to kill.) There is some sense of achievement in this game – killing enemies gives you gold, and you can spend that on upgrades to your damage or special items that automatically do a set amount of damage each second. Even with these features, endless tappers are usually very unoriginal and they get boring quickly. Fortunately, Tap Heroes has been developed by a developer named Daniel Hjelm, and it is actually quite fun, despite falling into the aforementioned mobile game genre.


In Tap Heroes, the same kind of player input is expected – you’ll need to tap the screen to take down enemies. But unlike most endless tappers, there is a lot more depth to game progression, and tapping isn’t just about poking your enemies to death. You can use taps to heal your heroes, attack enemies or clear obstacles from your path. As you play through the game, you’ll learn more about how to utilize the team of heroes that have been afforded to you. Each hero has their own abilities, including defensive moves such as heals and shields, or offensive movies such as automated damage.


A lot of the success in this game revolves around using your heroes to their best potential, and this is something that can only come with time and experience. Because of this, there’s an immediate increase in player engagement and overall skill level involved in Tap Heroes compared to other, similar games.

Tap Heroes seems to last a long while too – in total, there are over 70 different enemies, bosses included. Players will be able to visit 10 different worlds, each with their own unique theme and appearance. There are plenty of RPG-like elements to Tap Heroes too – over time you can choose who to upgrade in your squad, and what skills to upgrade. There is even a special loot system that always makes it exciting to get through a level.

Tap Heroes does cost $0.99, but once you’re past this there are no in-app purchases. If you don’t think that the endless tapping genre is actually worth your time, check out Tap Heroes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.