Pokemon is one of the few games that has kept Nintendo afloat, remaining as an exclusive to the handheld Nintendo range ever since the franchise’s debut. Whilst there are emulators available that will allow you to play older versions of Pokemon on your iPhone, another option is to play one of the many iOS Pokemon clones currently available on the app store. Playing a Pokemon clone will save you any trouble with using emulators and ROMs that require you to jailbreak your device. On top of this, someĀ of the Pokemon copies are surprisingly enjoyable, even if they aren’t the real deal.


Micromon – $0.99


For $0.99, you’ll be able to pick up and play Micromon. Everything in this game has it’s own unique art, including world design and monster models. In total, there are over 130 different monsters to catch, and evolve. On top of the great singleplayer gameplay, you can hop online to fight other players and their monster teams. Even though there is a $0.99 purchase price, there are also in-app purchases that allow players to purchase more items in-game. Even so, Micromon is seen as the most polished and most popular iOS Pokemon clones currently available.

You can pick up Micromon here.

Monster Hunt: Revolution – $0.99


Monster Hunt: Revolution is a much simpler Pokemon clone, both graphically and gameplay-wise. Despite this, Monster Hunt may be a great choice for anybody who wants a more authentic Pokemon experience who can’t or doesn’t want to install an emulator onto their iPhone. Whilst we’re not really sure about the legality of Monster Hunt: Revolution, or how long the game will stay up on the app store, it seems to have managed to get away with using many original sprites from one of the older Pokemon games. Even the music in this game has been ripped from Pokemon, so be prepared to see this game disappear from the app store.

If you really need a Pokemon nostalgia fix, and there are no other alternatives, Monster Hunt: Revolution is definitely an option.

Hunter Island: Monsters and Dragons – $0.99

hunter island

Another unique monster RPG, Hunter Island: Monster and Dragons comes with a huge catalog of 300 different monsters. Including various evolutions, each monster in this game hasĀ their own unique appearance and abilities. Unfortunately the art style and game design in Hunter Island are as far from the typical Pokemon-style JRPG as you could hope, but if you’re looking for something a little different, this may be for you. Once again, Hunter Island uses in-app purchases for currency, similarly to Micromon. Both games are similar, but we’d rate Micromon higher than this.

Hunter Island: Monsters and Dragons is still an option for those that don’t like the looks of Micromon.