We’ve all played a Kongregate game at some point in time, and their mobile ports have quickly become some of our favorites. You never quite know what you’re going to get from the publisher, and that was the case this week with AdVenture Capitalist for Android and iOS. Ready to make some money?

AdVenture Capitalist tasks you with running your very own business with the goal of becoming a massive corporation that owns everything. If you think it’s a complicated business sim, you’d be wrong as AdVenture Capitalist only requires a small amount of your time. Making money has never been so easy.


You start out running a Lemonade business, and you simply need to click the buy bar to expand. From there, you just keep expanding your business until you can buy another – rinse and repeat. Each of your businesses has a timer, and once it’s full you’ll get the amount shown I the timer bar. Every time you expand that business, the money grows and you’ll get bonuses for hitting unlocks as your empire grows.

Magically, the timing of the game works out to where you’re always doing something while playing whether it’s upgrading a business or buying a new one. As for the upgrades, there are “cash” and “angel” upgrades, but you can’t use the Angel Investors until you sell your biz. It’s an interesting way to hit the reset switch to say the least.


By the numbers, AdVenture Capitalist has around 30 managers, well over 200 Cash and Angel upgrades and 10 businesses. The managers will set you businesses on autopilot so they’ll earn while you’re not playing, and they are a hoot. Breaking Bad fans will get a kick out of a few of the managers and there are plenty of other pop culture references as well. As for those upgrades, there are far too many to count. Each one can triple each your businesses profits x3, and I got tired of counting after 100. The last one I saw was the “Drama Llamas” theater upgrade for $222 novemtrigintillion. That’s a lot…


AdVenture Capitalist has been a pleasant surprise, and it’s the type of game you can check in on from time to time or tinker with for an hour. There are a few IAP’s, but the game doesn’t require a dime as it’s all about you making money, instead of asking you to spend it. Hyper Hippo’s AdVenture Capitalist is free to download on Google Play or the App Store if you’re ready to give it ago.