Crafting has become a mechanic used in a lot of games, but trading is where it’s at for some gamers. There are plenty of games that let you trade various goods, but Merchants of Kaidan is the first one we’ve come across that lets you do nothing but trade. It’s a traders dream, and it has a pretty cool story line to boot.


Trading is the name of the game in Merchants of Kaidan, and while that’s how you’ll spend most of your time, there’s a bit more going on behind the scenes. For starters, there are four storylines to play through, so it’s not just a game where you simply go from one dot to another. There is a main plot to follow involving your father, but there are over 100 quests to take on as well so you’ll be busy for a while.

Each time you hit the road in Merchants of Kaidan, there is generally one of two outcomes. You’ll either get to your destination with the goods, or get hit with a variety of events. It may be a fellow traveller in need of help or an auction setup on the side of the road. It could also be a band of robbers, a dragon or something else you’d rather not come across with a cart full of goods.


If you do manage to make it to a town, trading is as simple as stopping into the marketplace to pick up or unload goods. That said, you will have to take into account the time of season and various other things that could hinder you like curses. While you’re in town you can take on a number of other actions as well like upgrading your cart or hiring mercenaries. You can also pick up info on happenings throughout the land if you buy enough Ale or train at an Academy. You can even gamble a bit… if you’re not worried about losing a finger.


There’s a lot going on in the world of Merchants of Kaidan, and if you dig trading games, you’ll want to be right in the middle of this one. It’s definitely not what you’d call action packed, but there are plenty of surprises lying in wait and it’s not the type of game you’ll tire of quickly. If trading in the land of Kaidan sounds like your cup of tea, you can pick up Forever Entertainment’s Merchants of Kaidan for $4.99 on Google Play.

Merchants of Kaidan