Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Man has been catching and eating fish for ages. While there are plenty of games that let you fish, Man Eats Fish is the first one we’ve encountered that lets you deal with your catch after the day is done. It’s not the deadliest catch, but it is an extremely addictive fishing simulator.

Man Eats Fish is part fishing game, part management game as you’ll have to sell the fish you bring in from the seas. Every day you’ll start out on your boat which you drive around by dragging your finger around the screen. Whenever you see a fishing hole (they are obvious) you simply need to drive over it and tap the boat. The fishing takes places automatically, but there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before choosing a spot.


Each time you drop your line or net into the sea, you lose an hour off the clock. You always have to keep space in mind as well starting out although it’s a non-issue once you’ve gone through the upgrades. That said, time is the biggest factor against you because you’ll lose a day’s worth of sales if you’re not back by 5PM. That’s where the strategy comes into play as you tend to want to go a bit further each time out to try and land a big haul.


You’ll spend most of your time fishing in Man Eats Fish, but the rest of your time is spent on shore at your Fish & Chips shop. You start out with the bare minimum and shop hours that run from 5PM to around midnight. The higher rating your shop has, the more people will come to eat your fish so you’ll obviously want to serve the best. Thankfully, you have breeding and holding tanks at your disposal that lets you stock up on or produce high quality fish.


Any good management sim has to have upgrades, and Man Eats Fish has several. All three tanks in your shop can be upgraded as can your boat, but there are only around 10 fish or so to catch in the game. There are various ports spread throughout the game as well although you can’t access them at this time. The same goes for your Fish & Chip shop; the components are upgradable, but not the exterior and there are no additional (open) locations that I’ve found.

man eats fish

The time it takes you to actually finish Man Eats Fish will depend on how you play. I explored a lot, so I ended up at around 95 days, but others have finished it far faster. You could get through it in once sitting if you want to strain your eyeballs, but it’s a game you could easily spend around a week on if you play in spurts. Needless to say, more depth would have been a plus.


Man Eats Fish is a bit of an oddball, but it’s an addictive oddball that will whittle away at your free time whenever you fire it up. It’s about as simple as it gets in terms of the gameplay, and the only downside is with the depth. The game is still well worth its $1.99 price tag, just expect to be left wanting more once you’ve taken your Fish & Chips shop to the top. If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up SuperMoof’s Man Eats Fish on Google Play.

Man Eats Fish