It’s pretty surprising that at the base of every game code is just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, and Irving Cabello’s new game takes inspiration from this idea to create a game called Binary.

In Binary, you need to match 1’s and 0’s to gain points. In essence, this game is a very simple arcade style game, but the concept is pretty cool, and you’ll easily be able to get a few hours worth of fun gameplay out of it. There are four different game modes in this game. Within each game mode you must try to match up as many binary numbers as possible. Any old combination of 1’s and 0’s won’t work in this game – To gain points, you must line up the 1’s and 0’s to make an actual binary number.


The standard game mode, known as classic, will give players 60 seconds to score as many binary numbers as possible. Once the 60 seconds are up, your score will be tallied and you can see how well you have performed against your previous runs. The second game mode is called ‘Moves’ – in this game mode you are given just 30 moves to use. There is no time limit in this mode, giving you time to line up numbers. This mode lends itself to players that like to make slow, calculated moves to get as many points within as few moves as possible.


The third game mode is arcade – in this binary numbers are out of the window, and you can score points by simply matching 1’s and 0’s of the same color. Finally, infinite mode allows players to play till infinity. There is no time limit and no movement limit in infinite mode.

I think using binary numbers in this match game was a smart move by the game developer, and it’s great to see that there is such a variety of game modes. The interface and in-game graphics are made of simple 2D block colors, but despite this the game still looks very clean and crisp.

Could there be more to Binary? Certainly, but for an arcade game created by a solo developer, you can’t expect much else. Binary is also free to play and free from in-app purchases. You can pick up the game here.