We generally get pumped up whenever a new Kairosoft game arrives, and we’ve gotten two new ones recently after a long dry spell. That said, neither are quite what we hope for, but High Sea Saga for Android is a bit of a shocker that’s quickly become the company’s lowest rated English game on the Play Store.high sea saga

Pirates and Kairosoft sound like a match made in heaven, but High Sea Saga is anything but heavenly. Graphically, it’s just what you’d expect and hope to see from a Kairosoft sim, and there’s a cool cast of pixely characters to interact with. It sounds pretty damned awesome, but the issue with High Sea Saga is its bizarre monetization scheme, and it’s something that has already irked their loyal fans.

Kairosoft has been toying with IAP’s for a while now, so it’s not shocking to find an IAP or two lurking in one of their games. High Sea Saga is a paid game, but it actually has ads which is a big no-no if you want to keep folks happy. What makes matters worse is the fact you’re asked to pay $1.99 per month to get rid of them.

Considering the game costs $0.99, it’s not going to break you – especially as you can beat the game in a week. That said, Kairosoft games aren’t the type of games one tends to “rush” through and considering the replay value in some of them, the ad-removal could get expensive. For what its worth, the game is listed as Open Beta 2 1.25, so we’re not sure if this is temporary or what’s going on exactly.

We’re not sure if Kairosoft will stick with their new pricing model, and we probably won’t know until the next game arrives as they are notoriously quiet at all times. If you want to give High Sea Saga a go, it will cost you a buck and you already know what the deal is going in. If you don’t agree with their new ad setup (or hate pirates) you can always pick up Anime Studio Story for $4.99.

High Sea Saga