Yesterday, NVIDIA sent out invitations for a major event on March 3rd. The invites are a bit mysterious, but obviously involve gaming although the product is still very much up in the air. You might want to check your bank balance.

NVIDIA’s invitation is pretty straightforward and say’s they want you to attend an event on March 3rd that will run about an hour and some change. Whatever gadget they plan on showing off has been “five years in the making” according to the invitation and will “redefine” the future of gaming. If you’re thinking it’s the follow-up to the Shield Tablet… it’s a good guess as many expect one to arrive this year. That said, we’re not so sure that’s what NVIDIA will show off.

Virtual Reality is going to be a game changer (this time around) and devices like the Gear VR and Cardboard are starting to reach the casual gamer. If NVIDIA is looking to release something they’ve been working on for 5-years and it will “redefine” gaming, we hope they’re talking about a NVIDIA-based VR setup of some sort. It’s possible, and very much in the cards considering LG, Samsung, and Sony are all getting into the VR game, and NVIDIA has been firmly entrenched in gaming for ages. They could certainly make a splash with a NVIDIA VR headset.


We’ll still have to wait a few weeks to find out what NVIDIA is bringing to the table on March 3, and while it’s most likely an upgraded device with the new NVIDIA X1 chip, we have our fingers crossed it’s something VR-based. The Shield Tablet and Shield Portable weren’t in the spotlight until July as well, so the March date doesn’t necessarily scream Shield Tablet 2.

What do you think NVIDIA will show off on the 3rd?

via – Android Police