Our overall verdict "Good"

Something that I have seen a lot of mobile developers do quite often recently is to combine a bunch of different popular mobile game concepts and throw them all into one experience. We end up with a expansive casual game that features progressive leveling, fun mini games that players can waste their time on, and in most cases a very monetized system that tries to squeeze cash out of you every step of the way. Chesslike: Adventures in Chess may be the first interesting hybrid game on mobile that isn’t filled with in-app purchases.


Somehow, the developers of Chesslike have managed to mix the standard dungeon crawler with a game of chess to create a unique experience that has blends of the two aforementioned classics. Whilst the game has a movement system similar to chess, gameplay is very different. You’ll be taken into various different ‘dungeons’ that need to be completed before you can continue. In essence, each dungeon room is just a small puzzle level that requires you to maneuver around or defeat enemies before making your way to the level exit.


Whilst you start as a pawn, you will be able to pick up upgrades to turn into a stronger chess piece. As you play, the dungeons will become harder, so it’ll be important to upgrade your piece. You’ll also start to come across dungeons with keys, locked doors, warp tiles and maps and at this point you’ll notice that the game is focused a lot more on the puzzle elements of some dungeon crawlers instead of action or combat.


Once you’ve played through the pre-built levels, you’ll be able to use a level editor to create your own maps that you can challenge your friends to. All in all, Chesslike: Adventures in Chess is a very unique game, and it’s certainly worth a try if you don’t mind throwing away $1.99.

Unfortunately, the developers have gone for an interesting stretch goal based development system, and the amount of features they add will depend on how many downloads the game will get. A list of the download stretch goals can be seen below. You can download Chesslike: Adventures in Chess here.

500 Downloads = New Level Pack
1500 Downloads = New Castle and Theme
2500 Downloads = New Level Pack, Castle, and a Theme
5000 Downloads = Offline play
8000 Downloads = Music/SFX & More Expansions!