Our overall verdict "Perfect"

Odd Bot Out is a fairly new iOS puzzle game that features a very in-depth physics based puzzle mechanic that will get you scratching your chin for hours. The game features great graphics, artwork and sound effects, and the lack of hints for it’s levels mean you’ll always be challenged. Whilst the puzzles are great, everything about Odd Bot Out has been perfected with passion, and I think that’s really what makes this game stand out from the crowd.


Each level is very much designed around player interaction. You are given a robot that you need to direct to the level exit, and you can do this by holding down the robot and dragging across the screen to move it. There are also plenty of objects, such as boxes, buttons and connectable rope that can all be manipulated by touching and dragging. On each level there will be some kind of problem blocking you from getting your robot to freedom, so you will need to set up contraptions, build stairs, or complete other tasks with the objects that are handed to you to open up an escape route for your robot.


Because there are no in-game hints, you’ll really need to get your hands dirty and text everything in each level to it’s fullest level. If you enjoyed the trial and error style approach to other popular puzzle games like Portal, then you’ll love the freedom and control Odd Bot Out hands to it’s players.


Even when the levels are hard to complete, you can easily fit game sessions in for 5-20 minutes here and there whenever you have time spare, making Odd Bot Out an easily digestible experience that anybody can pick up and play.

Odd Bot Out does have a $1.99 price tag, but past that you’ll find a game free from in-app purchases and advertisements, so it’s definitely worth buying.