It’s no secret Netflix is into making their own original series, and several of them dip into geekery like Werewolves and Anime. They’ve got a little something for everyone, and they will soon have something for gamers with a new live-action Legend of Zelda TV series. Go ahead and let that sink in for a minute…

When looking for hot breaking gaming news, the Wall Street Journal generally isn’t the first place you’ll turn, but they’ve broken the news on the live-action Zelda TV show. Folks may remember Link’s last foray to the TV screen in the late 80s when he appeared in Captain N (occasionally) and about a dozen or so episodes of the short lived The Legend of Zelda cartoon. Well, Netflix certainly isn’t taking the animated route, and you’ll be surprised at how the Legend of Zelda TV series is being described.

According to the WSJ, Netflix has already begun production on the live-action Legend of Zelda series, which follows a boy named Link in the land of Hyrule. As you’d expect, he’s on a quest to save a certain princess which is no surprise to anyone who’s played the games. What is a surprise is the fact Netflix describes the series as “Game of Thrones” for a family audience.

Nothing official has been announced with the Legend of Zelda live-action series, and they are reportedly in search of a writer for the project at this time. That said, Netflix isn’t one to move slow on things and they have a great track record of getting series out thus far. We’re not sure how this one will pan out as a live-action series, but we’re certainly interested to find out.

Do you think a live-action Legend of Zelda show is a great idea or the worst thing you’ve ever heard of?

source: Wall Street Journal