Ninja Kiwi’s “Bloons” games have amassed millions of downloads on whatever platform they land. Today, the company brought one of their more interesting games over to Android with Bloons Monkey City. If you’re ever wanted to build a city that’s filled full of monkeys (and balloons) today is you’re lucky day.

Like all the Bloons games that came before it, Bloons Monkey City is a Tower Defense games involving freakishly accurate monkey and lots of evil balloons. It’s an unlikely combo for a TD game, but a ton of fun and the type of game that can keep you busy for ages. Unlike its predecessors, Bloons Monkey City adds a new element to the mix in the form of city building. Yup, it’s an even stranger combination than monkeys and balloons.

The goal of Bloons Monkey City is to take back the land from the evil Bloons, and you’ll do this by winning TD-based battles to capture space. The gameplay follows the path set by every other city building game out there, with the exception of Tower Defense battles…. and big, bad balloons. One of the big draws of the Bloons games is content, and we’re pleased to say there is a slew of it in Bloons Monkey City.

bloons monkey city

By the numbers, Bloons Monkey City offers up 13 special missions and 55 tower defense maps that are going to test your skill and patience. As for the towers, there are 21 of them brought in from Bloons TD 5, but with a reworked unlocking setup. The city building portion of the game contains over 130 buildings and pieces of décor, so it’s safe to say Bloons Monkey City isn’t a game that’s going to bore you easily.

We’re not sure how the building element is going to play out as you get deep into the game, but Bloons Monkey City is certainly a game worth a look if you have enjoyed the other games in the series or like a solid TD game. If it’s half as good as Bloons TD 5, you’ll be busy for a while. You can pick up Ninja Kiwi’s Bloons Monkey City for free on Google Play.

Bloons Monkey City