Our overall verdict "Good"

How do you take something on the app store and make it feel new, refreshing and extra special? Whilst adding extra features and cool unlockables can add to player interest, the best way I’ve seen is to just put some love into it. Crevice Hero is an endless runner game, but despite it being based upon a very common mobile game theme, it feels unique. The reason for this is because the developer has put a put of passion into the graphics in this game, and it looks a treat.


The premise of this game is not new. Players will have simple controls for jumping and moving left or right. The aim of the game is to run for as long as possible, whilst picking up gems along the way. The game will continue to play out until you inevitably die. Like every other runner game, the only real objective is to get as much score as you possibly can by running through the game. One thing that is slightly more unique on the gameplay side of things with Crevice Hero is it’s control system. Players can move left and right, instead of having the game move for them, and because of this, Crevice Hero feels a lot more like a traditional platformer.


Lending itself to the 2D platformer vibe is the great level design as well – you’ll be jumping over pits of lava and across various areas – the level feels lot less linear and repetitive than the typical endless runner game, which is refreshing considering you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at the level design.


There are a variety of unlockable characters in this game that can be unlocked by completing various milestones – this adds a bit more depth to the game, but we’ve seen this kind of progressive unlock system before. It’s still nice to have the opportunity to work towards something whilst playing though.

Crevice Hero is free to play, and can be downloaded here. There are adverts in this game, and they can be removed with a $0.99 purchase in-game.