Our overall verdict "Excellent"

I know you’re probably sick of hearing app reviewers mention Flappy Bird, but the release of the game was a big milestone for mobile gaming. Ever since Flappy Bird’s release, we have seen an outrageously large outpour of time killer games. These sorts of arcade games have no level system, and instead rely on you completing basic tasks to get a score. Players compete against their friends and others online to get the best scores, and most runs last under a minute. Despite this, a lot of players can find themselves spending a lot of time in these time killer games, and that’s exactly what players will be doing in Elusion.


Unlike many other time killer games currently on the market, the developer of Elusion has not planned to make any revenue from their app. As a results, Elusion does not feature any advertisements or any in-app purchases. The game is also free to download, so you can pick it up and play through the full experience without being pestered by ads or being forced to spend on in-game items. This is an approach that very few developers take so I have to applaud him for that.

In Elusion, there are multiple levels that players can play through. On each level, players must control the character and dodge obstacles that fall onto the screen. By default, the character will constantly be running. To control the character, you can tap the side of the screen he is facing to jump, or tap the opposite side to make him change direction. This set of simple two button controls is really easy to get the hang of, and it works incredibly well for the game.


There is a basic tiered level mode, with each level getting harder as you progress, and there is also an impossible mode that features incredibly hard gameplay. Both modes are fun, although both can be infuriatingly difficult. If you found the addictive nature of Flappy Bird enjoyable, then you’ll definitely like Elusion.

You can download Elusion for free here.