It’s Bundle Time! The Humble Bundle store has come a long way in a short time, and we now see a new mobile bundle every few weeks compared to the old turnaround time of a month or more. This week, we’re getting another “themed” bundle and it goes by the name of the Humble Cartoon Network Games Mobile Bundle.

The Humble Cartoon Network Games Mobile Bundle has to have one of the longest names we’ve seen for a bundle, but it fits with the amount of content. The new bundle is throwing 11 games our way (to start), and the four that can be yours for any price are Regular Show: Best Park in the Universe, Regular Show: Ghost Toasters, Regular Show: Ride ‘Em Rigby and Adventure Time: Treasure Fetch.

If you shell out enough money to put you over the average bundle price, you’ll unlock four additional games with CN Superstar Soccer, Ski Safari: Adventure Time, Adventure Time: Jumping Finn Turbo and Regular Show: The Great Prank War. If that weren’t enough, $8.00 will get you Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, The Powderpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville, and Adventure Time: Time Tangle.

The Humble Cartoon Network Games Mobile Bundle is one of the bigger bundles we’ve seen lately, but many of the titles have been in previous sales or are pretty dated compared to other games in Cartoon Network’s repertoire. That said, there will be a few more games added next week that are unlockable to those who paid over the “average” so there’s still hope for a game that’s new to Android. If you want to pick up the Humble Cartoon Network Games Mobile Bundle, just hit up the link below.

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