Our overall verdict "Excellent"

A single college student spent two years finetuning his ideas and inspiration for a brand new word game, and the end result is Letterswirl – a great two player game that can be played with friends face to face. Whilst Letterswirl does have a $1.99 price tag, it’s a game that many people may get a lot of fun out of. The game is delicately simple, but it has been displayed in a 3D environment that players can interact with, and despite it’s simplicity, there is a lot of space for clever wordplay within Letterswirl.


Whilst you can play on your own or with others online, I’d like to focus on the very cool face to face feature that gets you and a friend or family member sitting at either end of the table, with nothing but Letterswirl in between you both. There will be a circle of orbs on the screen, and each orb will have a letter in. Each turn, both players will be able to take the letter that appears in the center of the circle and replace it with one that is already within the circle. The end goal is to make a complete circle of words out of the letters making up the circle. The words don’t have to make sense together, but they do have to be full English words.

Each time you end your turn, the game will automatically rotate for the other player, so the device does not have to be touched. The circular layout of the game means that both players can see the activity of their opponent, without having to worry about it appearing upside down.


There are a few other game modes that require players to earn more points in addition to creating a full circle of words, and this will add a bit more of a challenge for players, increasing the longevity of each sitting.

Usually, Letterswirl is $1.99, but the developers are currently having a 50% off launch sale.