A brand new real time strategy game by Substantial Games has been launched in a few select territories in anticipation of a full global release. The new game has been named The Ember Conflict, and it sticks strategic gameplay into a nice mobile-friendly experience.

Aimed at tablet owners, the average game of The Ember Conflict will last just a few minutes, giving players the opportunity to start up a game whenever they have any time spare. Games will be played against other players online, and I am really excited to see how the game will evolve as more players learn and develop new strategies.


In a typical game of The Ember Conflict, players will be able to place down three units on a limited size map. As the game progresses, players will be able to access 3 more reserve units. Potentially 6 units on each team could be placed down at one time, and things get pretty hectic at this point, considering the level size is fairly small. Players can also team up with a friend to fight  2v2 against two other players, and at this point a total of 24 different units can be placed on the game at once.


A lot of the strategy in The Ember Conflict comes down to decisions with unit picks and placement. There are a variety of different units with different stats and qualities. As you can expect, you’ll find a range of different unit types, including slow, heavy hitters, more agile ranged units with little health, or support units that can help the rest of your team. Players will also need to be smart above movement and the places they direct their troops to. A lot of victories can be won with smart positioning, and I think this is great.

The Ember Conflict will be free, and there will be a in-app purchase driven currency that players can use to purchase new units and gear. Players who do not spend cash on the game will have equal opportunity to get new units and gear by earning another in-game currency.


I can’t get my hands on The Ember Conflict just yet, but when I can be sure to expect a review from me – I personally cannot wait to give the game a go. You can check out the game on The official The Ember Conflict website. I’ve also placed a preview video below.