Sony Online Entertainment and Fire Hose Games are really getting gamers excited by releasing a new trailer that shows just how crazy the action can get in their upcoming PSN game, Slam Bolt Scrappers. The game features a combination of battles and puzzle-based building for up to four players. Over on the Playstation Blog, Fire Hose Games unveiled some additional information about the Black Cannon, a manually loaded weapon that causes insane amounts of damage with its flaming blocks and follows up the devastation with splash damage.  The scrappin’ action is due on the Playstation Network March 15th, but until then, check out the trailer and screenshots below :

Slam Bolt Scrappers

Slam Bolt Scrappers Slam Bolt Scrappers

Slam Bolt Scrappers psn_sbs_screens_030211__7_

psn_sbs_screens_030211__9_ psn_sbs_screens_030211__5_

psn_sbs_screens_030211__3_ psn_sbs_screens_030211__1_

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