Our overall verdict "Perfect"

Recently, OrangePixels released their latest mobile game for iOS and Android. Titled Gunslugs 2, it takes ideas from the original game of the same name and revamps it with new content, better gameplay and an interesting story. In this article, I share my thoughts on the game, and give you an example of what you can expect to experience if you play it for yourself.

High paced action


One thing I loved about Gunslugs was that it was really focused on the high paced action platforming gameplay that I personally love. In Gunslugs 2, things are just as hectic, and there will be very little breaks between epic shooting sessions on each level. As you play through each stage, there will constantly be enemies to shoot, boxes to break, mini-bosses to kill and items to collect. The platformer style gameplay means you’ll always be moving, jumping and interacting with the world.

8-bit Theme


If you are a fan of 8-bit retro style arcade games then you will feel right at home with Gunslugs 2. There was a point where I felt like 8-bit style games were being replicated too often, but after taking a break from playing too many rogue-likes and mobile RPGS, I can safely say I still love the retro 8-bit genre, and Orange Pixel do it best.

Plenty of Content


There are many, many stages and levels to play through in Gunslugs 2. In fact, I still haven’t completed the game. Each stage has a completely different environment, and each stage¬†comprises of a selection of missions. At the end of each stage, you’ll be able to fight against a boss, which has honestly been my most favorite parts of the game so far.

Game Feels like a Masterpiece


I don’t know if I’ve just missed out on playing any decent mobile games over the last few months, or whether Gunslugs 2 really is a master piece, but I can confidently say that OrangePixel’s latest creation just feels superb. The amount of passion and care that went into developing this game can be seen and heard at every point in the game. It’s clear that OrangePixel are really putting game development first, and monetization second, and after the small $2.49 price tag, there are no ads and absolutely no in-app purchases.

I‘d definitely suggest checking out Gunslugs 2. It deserves solid 10 in my books.