Board and dice games aren’t the force they once were, but many of the classics have found their way to mobiles over the years. There are several versions of Yahtzee in the Play Store, but a new one called Yahtzy LIVE has quickly become one of our favorites.

Yahtzy LIVE is a mobilized version of the dice game that first got its start way back in the 1940s. The game has come a long way since its yahtzee livebeginnings, and the new mobile game from the minds at b-interaktive speeds things up a bit by allowing you to play multiple games at once. It’s just as awesome as it sounds if you dig Yahtzy.

Unlike a lot of mobile online games, Yahtzy LIVE lets you play in real-time against friends or foes. There are actually five different ways to get started in LIVE as it will let you search for opponents, hit up Facebook friends, play quick games, or duke it out with a random opponent. Once you pick your mode, it’s as simple as tapping the cup and giving your device a shake to send the dice flying.

After you’ve begun a game, you have three chances to get your score and once everyone’s gone, the scores are tallied for that round. You will want to act fast though as there’s a timer slowly ticking away at the bottom of the screen. Once everyone goes through their rolls, it’s game over and time to level up if you’ve earned enough points during your run. The game also has a chat function if you feel like talking a bit of

Yahtzy LIVE is a bit bare bones in the extras department, but you don’t really need them for a game of this nature. That said, there is a high score table that lets you see how you stack up against the best, and around 30 achievements to shoot for. Those achievements use a 3-star system as well which adds a little more depth to things.

We’re going to make this one quick and easy… if you like Yahtzy, go grab Yahtzy LIVE. It’s not the “flashiest” port of the game, but it is as advertised and delivers a great Yahtzy experience on your mobile. I never had a problem getting into a game either, and the folks you’re likely to play against definitely know their stuff. Overall, Yahtzy LIVE is a solid Yahtzy  game and a title we recommend checking out.

Yahtzee LIVE