Some people love a good pixely retro game while others find them a bit tiresome. We dig them so when we came across Fisherman’s Horizon from Eduardo Dal-Ri Faraco on Google Play is was love at first sight… or bite if you prefer. It’s a pixelated fishing game, and it’s our pick for the Android Game of the Week.

When you first fire up Fisherman’s Horizon an old man name Cecil says hello, and then you’re thrown directly into the game. All we know is your fishing in the mysterious land of Mari-Mari and that it is full of bizarre sea creatures you’ll want to catch. Cecil also runs the shop, and he’s got some interesting gear to sell you including people which we hope are just unlockable characters and not used for bait. He seems like a bit of an oddball…


Initially, you’ll start out with two locations to fish in Fisherman’s Horizon, but a few more appear to be unlockable from the shop. The actual fishing is straightforward as you tap a button to cast and tap it again to reel or hold to reel in quickly. It sounds much simpler than it actually is, and I probably snapped 20 lines before I caught a can. I eventually caught a fish, and can honestly say I felt a huge sense of accomplishment at that simple feat.

As you catch fish and other things from the waters of Fisherman’s Horizon, you’ll earn coins which can be used with old Cecil. The shop has around 16 items to purchase, and they range from baits to gear and people. The direction and details are a bit sparse, so you’ll probably be unsure of what does what outside of the bait and rod. That said, I am intrigued by the character “Shadow” and a few other items, but spent my cash on chewing gum and steak for the sea creatures.


Fisherman’s Horizon looks like it came straight from the days when Gameboy’s were the “in” thing and it’s a great. It’s a little sparse, and the gameplay may seem a bit tough at first, but once you get a feel for how to reel them in it’s quite a bit of fun. Needless to say, if you dig pixels, fishing or just want to zone out and try and reel in some sea creatures, Fisherman’s Horizon is a fine choice. The game is free of ads and IAPs, and is free to download on Google Play.

Fisherman’s Horizon