Our overall verdict "Good"

We’ve seen endless runner games, and more recently, endless racer games. The latest in this lineup of game trends on the app store are endless shooter games. In these games, you must shoot objects as they fly towards the ground. As you can guess, the game goes on forever, so long as you can keep the objects from hitting the ground.

Mega Blaster is a great example of an addictive endless shooter game, and in this review i’ll be taking a look at what makes this game such an enjoyable app to try out.


In Mega Blaster, you must tap anywhere on the screen to shoot your cannon. Once you shoot, your cannon will fire out a shot, and there seems to be an endless supply of ammo. Perfect. You must aim to hit the objects as they hurtle towards the bottom of the screen. Unlike some endless shooters, your ammo in this game will bounce off of the sides of the screens. You can use this to your advantage to line up shots and hit objects you may otherwise not be able to hit.

Because the ammo will bounce off of the sides of the screens, none of your cannon balls will ever leave the game until they have collided with  another object. Despite this, I’d say there is a small element of strategy involved – you can’t just spam away with the cannon and expect them to connect with all of the targets you are aiming at.


Things do get quite frantic at times, and you’ll often be finding yourself holding on to your last few seconds as more and more objects fall to the bottom of the screen. There are a few power-ups you’ll be able to make use of as you play, so there are ways to get out  of sticky situations, and I think this is an important aspect of endless shooter games that many seem to miss out.

If you’re interested in Mega Blaster you can check it out at the iOS App store – the developer is currently running a promotion, too. If you manage to beat the developer’s high score of 837 he’s willing to pay out $50 in cold, hard cash. You can check out the Reddit thread for that promotion here. Just make sure you let them know we sent you.