Ever dream of making your own games? Do you love Adventure Time? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, you are if for a treat as Cartoon Network dropped an interesting game/app called the Adventure Time Game Wizard. If you answered yes to both questions… you may want to sit down before you die of excitement.

If you’ve played video games with any regularity, you have probably dreamed of making your own game. The Adventure Time Game Wizard can’t teach you to code, but it will let you piece together your own mobile games set in the wonderful Land of Ooo. It also lets you play platforming levels created by yourself or others.

As with everything Adventure Time, there’s a story behind Adventure Time Game Wizard as Finn and Jake stumble across a magic sketchbook. Unfortunately, said sketchbook belongs to the Doodle Wizard so hilarity and absurdity ensue. In terms of the game making, you can either create levels directly in the app or draw them on paper and scan them in. Did we mention you’ll even be able to play as BMO, The Flame Princess, Jake, Finn and the Ice King? If that weren’t cool enough, Weird Al voices the Doodle Wizard… we forgive you if immediately head to the Play Store.


There are two types of people in this world – those who dig Adventure Time and those who don’t. I’m a huge fan, and while I haven’t had a chance to play Adventure Time Game Wizard yet, it looks like a “must buy” kind of game if you’re into the series. At $4.99, some may consider it expensive, but it’s a steal considering it features the original character voices and actually lets you build your own levels. Check back in a bit for our Adventure Time Game Wizard review, until then you can download it for yourself at the link below.

Adventure Time Game Wizard