Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Back in August, a game called The Witcher Battle Arena went into a closed beta. The Witcher franchise has a whole lot of fans, so it’s safe to say people got excited. Well, last week the game finally arrived for Android and iOS devices, and we’re back with our The Witcher Battle Arena review.

The Witcher Battle Arena is a MOBA set in the world of The Witcher. If you’ve played a mobile MOBA, you’ll have no trouble getting down to business in the new battler, and fans of the franchise will recognize plenty of characters in the new game. The gameplay behind The Witcher Battle Arena is straightforward. You are on a team of three, and dropped onto a battlefield where you fight for “control points” which are basically stone towers. You basically run around slaughtering the other team while trying to hold down as many of the control points as you can… for as long as you can.

witcher battle arena

When you’re not using your regular attack, you’ll have three special attacks to unleash. You won’t have access to any of them initially, but as you gain XP in the match, you can unlock and level up each ability. You can also access a “shop” during battle if you need a bit of a boost, and you probably will unless you have good teammates. When the battle is finally over (they can take a while), there’s a loot drop and you’ll get some coins which can be used in the store.

There are three modes of play in The Witcher Battle Arena with PvP, Coop vs. AI, and Practice mode. Each is self-explanatory and there are three levels of difficulty to choose from in Coop and Practice modes. If you want to play a ranked match, you can do it in the Witcher PvP arena, but there’s a free play mode you can check out if you want to get the hang of things before jumping in feet first.


The Witcher Battle Arena may be all about fighting, but there’s plenty of content outside the arena. You start out with 3 characters to play with, but there are 6 more you can unlock through the store. Each character also has a set of skins that changes their appearance, and there are weapon tiers as well. Everything can be purchased outright or bought with coins earned from gameplay, so while it’s freemium, you don’t have to pay to play.

In addition to the skins, characters and gear, you can buy an Inventory expander that gives you more room for weapons and armor. Each character can equip gear dropped in battle and there’s a lot of it so you may end up needing that extra inventory page if you play The Witcher Battle Arena frequently.


I’ll admit, I’ve only played a handful of MOBA’s over the years, and they’ve never been my cup of tea. That said, I really dig The Witcher Battle Arena and have had a blast playing it so far. It’s freemium game that doesn’t make you pay, and aside from some issues at launch, I’ve not had any problems getting into a game quickly. That said, your game can suck rather quickly if one of your party drops out and it turns into 2-on-3.

In a nutshell, The Witcher Battle Arena is a game that fires on all cylinders, and you will most definitely want to pick it up if you dig MOBA’s or the world of Witcher.

The Witcher Battle Arena