Our overall verdict "Perfect"

Adventure to Fate is a brand new JRPG by developer TouchMint – the game features an in-depth battle system, over 70 unique monsters and a customizable stats and skills.

In this game you will progress through 125 different stages. Along the way, you’ll encounter multiple enemies that will need to be battled. The fighting in this game is an in-depth turn based combat system that any JRPG fans will learn to love. Winning battles relies on players picking the right skills and abilities to defeat each enemy. Because there are a total of 70 different abilities in the game, there is certainly a lot of room for experimentation within battles.


Whilst playing, you’ll have the chance to come across a wide variety of loot. Winning some battles will also give you loot at a reward, and the constant small chance of being able to find something rare whilst playing always gives players something to be excited about.

On top of the great battle system and the large amount of stages and in-game items, there is a pretty interesting back story for Adventure to Fate, and when players start the game they will be able to choose between a variety of different races, classes and professions. There is also a decent stat system that uses value such as strength, agility, endurance wisdom luck and armor chance.


All of the stats in this game effect gameplay somewhat, although most of the main purposes of these stats are for battles and combat.

If you are looking for a fun JRPG that you could potentially throw a few dozen hours into, I’d definitely suggest checking out Adventure to Fate. The game is free, and along with it’s 125+ stages, you’ll come across multiple opportunities to create your very own unique player. If you’d like to download Adventure to Fate you can do so by visiting here.