If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably have noticed the recent surplus in zombie survival games. Ever since the original DayZ mod jumped in popularity, dozens of developers have jumped on the hype train, and as a result we’ve seen a few mostly experimental games reach monumental success. Games like Rust, DayZ, Infestation: Survivor Stories and now H1z1 are being played by millions of people world wide, thanks to their tense, player versus player interactions.


So far, all of these zombie survival games have been created for the PC, but one studio seems to be set on creating the H1z1 of the mobile world.

Toonuva Games are currently creating an open world zombie survival game. Code named The Wild, Toonuva’s new game is currently in closed beta with a select amount of in-game developed features. The developer’s end goal is to create a mobile-compatibile experience that allows players to work together to survive against vicious animals and hordes of zombies.

We obviously can’t expect something as monumental as DayZ or H1Z1 from The Wild, but Toonuva Games seem to be on the right track to a mobile sized zombie survival game.


In the current closed beta, The Wild is running at a solid 35+ frames per second on the iPhone 5. Features are quite limited at the moment, but Toonuva are working on adding a nice open world environment, which will include AI wildlife, zombies, survival based crafting, and melee and ranged combat.

If you would like to learn more about the zombie survival game from Toonuva, you can check out the Touch Arcade forum post, which includes a bunch of screenshots, or hit up their website at http://thewildgame.weebly.com/.

So far it seems the current closed beta is quite limited, but we’ve got in touch with the developers to see if we can get a sneak peak at the game. If we get into the closed beta, expect a first impression review shortly.