Our overall verdict "Excellent"

App developer Pondnetic has just released a new title called Shirodoko and I have given it my overall first impressions in this review.

On the app store page, Shirodoko looks like another boring Sudoku clone, but when you actually download it and experience it for yourself you’ll find that this is certainly not the case. In fact, even though Shirodoko has drawn inspiration from the age old classic puzzler, the overall mechanics and gameplay rules in Shirodoko are completely different.

screen322x572 (1)

In Shirodoko you will be given a randomly generated board each time you start a new game. The tile will contain a selection of numbers and some colored tiles. The rest of the board will be empty. Players must try to move the colored tiles around the board to complete the puzzle.

To complete Shirodoko, you must have it so each number on the board has the same amount of corresponding uncolored tiles in a row or column alongside it. For example, the number fourteen in the bottom left corner of the image below needs to have fourteen uncolored tiles in a line, including itself. Right now the number 14 has nine tiles going length ways, and five going upwards, which is a total of fourteen tiles.


Shirodoko seems like a complex idea, but once you put the idea of Sudoku behind you and get to grips with the game rules it can be incredibly enjoyable, and it’s certainly a breath of fresh air for any intermediate or veteran Sudoku players out there.

Shirodoko is free to download and play, although there is a single IAP that can be purchased to remove ads and add new board sizes to the game. Considering Shirodoko is free, i’d definitely suggest checking it out if you are a fan of Sudoku or tile based puzzle games.