The Da Vinci Disappearance is the first DLC for Ubisoft’s Assassins Creed:Brotherhood.  This DLC costs $10 and has both single player and multiplayer components to it.  I am a huge fan of AC:B, after getting every achievement in the game I was dying to get my hands dirty with some more Ezio missions, and some more stabbing in Multiplayer.  I made sure I had 800 MSP saved up, and bought this DLC the first day it was available.  Is this DLC worth your $10? Continue reading to find out my quick and dirty thoughts, and judge for yourself.

Lets start with the single player side of this DLC. The single player missions take place after the completion of the game.  There will be no spoilers here, but needless to say, the DLC doesn’t add much to the storyline at all, and you will be fine come AC3 if you have not played this DLC. The DLC campaign mostly takes place in Rome, in areas you have been already.  There are a total of 9 missions, and if I recall correctly, 3 of them take place in new areas, designed just for this DLC.   The story behind the DLC is that Leonardo has been kidnapped, and you have to save him.

Along with the missions there are is also a new dice game in the thiefs hideout.  This is just a way to gamble money, to me not very usefull and I only played it to get the achievement.  Speaking of achievements, all of them are SP related in this DLC.  The hardest one requires a 100% synch across the whole game, yes even the original AC:B game, that is not DLC related.  This caused me to go back and replay all missions to get 100%.  Overall this is the hardest achievement to get with this expansion.

The multiplayer adds two new modes, VIP and Deathmatch.  After playing both, I could take or leave the VIP mode.  While on paper it does sound fun, it seems to come off the same way the chest capture did to me, not very fun to play.  The people trying to assisnate the target are running around trying to get to the VIP asap, and to me that is just not Assassins Creed.  On the other hand, I had a blast playing deathmatch.  Everyone can kill everyone, so all human characters are trying to act as NPC like as possible.  This game mode is where the fun is, in my opinion.  No one is running around like an idiot, because as soon as they do, everyone targets them.  The DLC also added one new map, and four new skins for characters.  There is no raise of the level cap, so 50 is still the highest you can achieve.


Overall, if you love Assassins Creed, and can’t get enough this DLC is definetly worth the $10.  If you are on the fence, there is no new game mechanics here, and you should probably save the $10 for something else.  Though as a fan of the series, I would highly recommend this DLC, it is much better then the DLC they put out for AC2.


Enjoy the SP trailer and MP trailer below: