If you were a child of the 80s, you probably loved The Princess Bride. It is a classic right up there with Indiana Jones, Star Wars, ET, The Goonies in a lot of folks minds. Unlike those other films, it never got an official video game. That changed today, and now we have The Princess Bride – The Official Game.

If you haven’t already left this article to rush to the App Store, you’ll want to know that The Princess Bride game isn’t a “game” in the way you’re probably thinking. It’s actually a collection of mini-games featuring animated versions of popular characters from the film. It’s a mixed bag to say the least, but it is the Princess Bride so ‘nuff said.1

The mini-game you’ll probably go to first is called Sword dual with Inigo! although you don’t actually dual with swords as it’s a slashing game in the vein of Fruit Ninja. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can try to survive the shrieking eels with Buttercup or Wrestle your favorite Giant. Last but not least, is a climbing game that lets you scale the Cliffs of Insanity.

Other features to note in the official Princess Bride game include leaderboards, awards, unlockable images, video clips, and challenges. There is also mention of a “free” update that should add two new mini-games. One involves the Fire Swamp, and the other one is a battle of wits with Vizzini. Other characters could come into play as well, so keep your fingers crossed.

We haven’t played The Princess Bride – The Official Game yet, but the early reviews are mixed. At $3.99 it isn’t cheap, and the mini-games don’t seem all that deep. That said, it’s a video game based of The Princess Bride so you almost have to check it out if you dig the flick. At this time, it is only available on iOS, but we’ll have a review up whenever it arrives for Android.

The Princess Bride – The Official Game

For the record, there was a Princess Bride game released in 98′ from Worldwide Biggies, but we weren’t aware of its existence today.