Our overall verdict "Excellent"

2014 is in the books, and so is the first week of the new year. Mobile releases were slim this week, but Nitrome dropped a doozy with a new game called Gunbrick. As the name implies, it involves guns and bricks…

Gunbrick is a platformer that puts you to work getting through the levels in a unique way. You don’t use a car or even your feet, instead you’ll rely on something called a Gunbrick. It’s essentially a block with a shield on one end and a gun on the other. You can move left or right by swiping that direction on the screen which rotates your Gunblock. If you want to keep your position, you can tap the screen to fire your gun and scoot. That gun can also trigger switches and propel you upwards. It isn’t your typical platform game.


Getting around in Gunbrick may sound simple, and it is for the first handful of levels. After you get the hang of things switches start to appear along with various other hazards. You can smash or blast through your enemies and damn near everything else in the game, but hit a laser and you’re toast. The laser does offer protection, but you have to line up your block correctly, which is where the puzzle element comes into play. You will be puzzles more often than not in Gunbrick.


If you’re looking for a lot of bells & whistles in Gunbrick, you’ll be disappointed as it’s all about the game. There are no unlockables or special skins, it’s just you and around 30 levels spanning three different sections. You’ll have to beat a level to unlock the next, and there’s a boss waiting for you at the end of each area. The levels take a while to work your way through as well, so you won’t be able to blow through this one.


I really wasn’t sure what to expect from Gunbrick going on, but was pleasantly surprised by the puzzling little platformer. It’s not the hardest platform game you’ll play, but some of the areas can really stump you to where you’ll feel like an idiot once you figure it out. Yeah, it can be that kind of game so don’t be surprised to see Gunbrick walkthroughs start hitting the web soon.

There’s no free version of Gunbrick to try, but the full version is only $2.99 and there isn’t an IAP in sight. If you’re ready to check it out, hit up the link below.