Our overall verdict "Good"

Robots. We love them, and while the world of Real Steel is a long ways off, you can still have some robotic fun on your mobile. Rumble Bots is the subject of this Android game review, and it’s the closest thing you’ll find to Robot Wars on your mobile.

If you’re remotely nerdy, you probably loved Robot Wars when it aired on the small screen back in the early 2000s. The show was about destructive little robots that battled in an arena, and it spawned several games during its run. There isn’t an official Robot Wars mobile game, but Rumble Bots is pretty damned close.

rumble bots

The premise of Rumble Bots is to duke it out with another bot until there’s only one of you left. You get a virtual d-pad to control your bot, and a widget on the other side of the screen lets you attack. The weapon layout depends on what you have loaded onto your Rumble Bot, but it’s a simple setup overall. You may find your robot hard to control at first, but it will get much, much easier with upgrades and practice.

As you topple other bots, you’ll earn credits to soup up your battle bot and you can spend them in the garage. You can upgrade your entire bots body/core or adjust the weapons, engine and battery. There is quite a bit to tinker with and a lot of different ways to go with your robot considering it has 5 weapons slots. You’ll only get two initially, but you can purchase more with credits bought or earned through playing.


In terms of content, there’s plenty to do in Rumble Bots between the Tournaments, Ladder and Quick matches. Tournaments are where you’ll spend most of your time, and there are three to choose from at any given time. New ones start on the hour as well, so you can play the other modes while waiting on a new tourney to start. As with everything else in the game, it’s very straightforward.


Rumble Bots is a solid robot fighting game that can keep you busy for a few hours or days. There is a lot of depth when it comes to putting robots together in different configurations, but the gameplay can feel a little stale at times as there isn’t a ton of variety once you progress so far in the game. That said, it’s still well worth a look if you dig robots or dream of having a proper port of Robot Wars on your mobile. You can pick up Zudenken Entertainment’s Rumble Bots for free on Google Play.

Rumble Bots