2014 is now coming to a close, making it a perfect time to look back at the year and pick out the top 10 best games for iOS. In this post we shall focus on free iOS games so that you can find a bunch of fun to have in anticipation of New Years with0ut having to spend a penny.  We decided to go for the games that really stood out, instead of picking the most successful or most talked about, so you’re not going to find any Candy Crush clones on this list, don’t worry. Check Out our top free iOS games of the year below.



Hearthstone already had a pretty big following before it debuted on the iPad, but bringing it to iOS was perhaps Blizzard’s best move yet for the World of Warcraft based trading card game. With Hearthstone, players can build decks by collecting cards from playing ranked or arena matches online. The special thing about Hearthstone is that Blizzard are constantly working away to ensure that each card can play a valuable card in your deck, creating a huge space for strategic minds to run wild.

The Wolf Among Us


Another great game by Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us features a detailed interactive story that takes you through multiple episodes of storytelling fun. Whilst each episode does cost, you can play the first episode for free to get a feel for the game, which is perfect in our eyes because more people deserve to experience the magic that is Telltale’s work.

Flappy Bird


Did I really just tell you that Flappy Bird is in the top six spot? Unfortunately I did, and I will tell you why. Flappy Bird is a story about a single man that wanted to create a small game for his own enjoyment. He didn’t market it, and he didn’t expect to make any money from it. Little did he know, Flappy Bird went viral, and it spread across smartphones like wildfire. The sudden removal of Flappy Bird from the app store by the developer made everyone realize how much of a status symbol the game was because it showed how powerful the connected web and the internet of things is.



Threes! is a tile matching game that broke the boundaries of what tile matching games were about, and we love it. In Threes! you must match numbers together by dragging them into one another. Dragging two numbers of the same value will double the tile number, and the ultimate goal is to try and get the highest numbered tile on the board.



Ironically, RETRY is the first game for a while that Rovio did not retry their age old Angry Birds theme in. In RETRY, you must control a small plane as it goes past obstacles. Hitting the obstacles will end the plane’s life. RETRY is incredibly simple, but it shows that Rovio are excited to try new things, and I hope that they release more unique games in 2015.



Duet is a game about two individuals that are so attached to each other they are never to be separated, no matter what is thrown at them. It sounds like a typical plot for a romance movie, but it turns out it’s a good premise for a arcade game as well. In Duet you must move two orbs that are in sync with one another and dodge obstacles. Some mobile games can make dodging obstacles with one thing difficult, so as you can imagine things are doubly challenging in Duet, or maybe even more so, considering that each orb mimics the other’s moves.