Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Last week, a new Superhero game dropped for mobiles called Contest of Champions. It’s a freemium fighter full of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, and it’s based off a popular comic storyline of the same name. After spending the better part of a week swiping and tapping our screens, we’re back with our Contest of Champions review.

If you are a comic nerd, you’ve probably dreamed of pitting Spiderman against the Flash or wondering how Lobo might do against Wolverine. We’re probably not going to see that happen in a game, but Contest of Champions is a battle royale featuring some of the biggest names in the Marvel universe. That said, a large cast of characters is useless if the game’s mechanics are junk.

contest of champions

Contest of Champions isn’t going to challenge you with its control scheme as it’s a tap and swipe-based title like most other mobile fighting games. Kabam kept the controls simple so you’ll tap for a light attack, swipe for a heave one, and hold on the left side to block. As you’d expect, there’s a special gauge, and while you can’t move freely, you can movie backwards or forwards.


One interesting aspect of Contest of Champions is your characters health meter. When you’re on a quest, the damage you take in a fight (or dish out) carries over into the next battle. This adds a degree of difficulty to things, but you can heal between fights if you’ve got a health potion. Those can be easily obtained or purchased in the shop.

As mentioned, Contest of Champions is based on the old Marvel book by the same name. The storyline of the game follows the comic (somewhat) and the layout puts that into play. The game is broken down in to acts, and each act has its own chapter. Those chapters put you on mini-missions of sorts where you’ll fight through other characters to get to a boss at the end. Each of those levels has several different paths, and there’s generally quite a bit of loot to collect regardless of which direction you go.


In addition to the Quest/Campaign mode, you can fight in Verses mode where you can play quick matches or participate in special arena events. You’ll earn crystals and loot from there as you do in the quests, and all those goodies can be spent in the crystal vault. This is where you’ll want to spend most of your time, as it’s where you’ll get your heroes.

Contest of Champions has different tiers of crystals and these determine what kind of heroes you can get. The better the crystal, the better the hero (or loot) and the premium crystals are obviously the hardest to get. Even when you do get a crystal, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the hero you want as you’ve got to play a spinning wheel mini-game to get the goods.



The crystals and several other things in Contest of Champions fall under the IAP umbrella, but Kabam has done a great job in this area. You don’t have to pay to play, and the only real limiting factor in the game is “your” energy bar. You play a character called dubbed the “Summoner” and you level up as well. You also have a stamina bar that loses a bit of juice every step you take. Again, this is handled relatively well and they’ve done a great job balancing the game.

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The DC vs. Marvel debate has been raging for years, and there will no doubt be comparions between Injustice: Gods among us and Marvel’s Contest of Champions. We’re not going to compare the two, but we will say that Champions is a great little brawler full of superheroey goodness. There are a lot of characters in the game, and a whole lot of content so you will not get bored easily. The fighting can get a little monotonous at times, but there is still a lot to do between the quests and special events.

If you’ve ever wanted to watch the Hulk duke it out with Vision, Contest of Champions is just the thing for you. It looks amazing as you can see by the screens, and it won’t cost you a penny unless you decide you want to pay. You can pick up Marvel and Kabam’s Contest of Champions for free at the link below.

Contest of Champions